Thursday, December 16, 2010

Being a Reservoir Engineer

It's already four (4) years since I've put myself in this position. And it's good to have a feeling that I'm progress in this field of petroleum engineering.
       I've graduated in Mechanical Engineering, that's put me sometime in this arena wandering on whether I'm at the right position or not. New challenges, competition, hardtimes really makes me felt a bit disappointed looking at myself being behind compared to other Petroleum Engineering background colleagues during my early days in the organization. There's one time that i'm looking at myself that i would not be able to get myself up in the company. Seems like this might not be my dream job or at least not fit on my expectation.
       There's a time where i've been asked by my superior whether i'd like to be transferred to other department that may suit me instead the position i'm in during that time. Maybe during the time, I seems not interested in improving my engineering knowledge. I delivered the job just for the sake of my salary or at least I got a things to do.
       In the meantime, I trying on some part time job to fill up the emptiness within myself. Until a point where finally I realized that whatever I do, it's all up to what I believe it is. I couldn't excel in doing things if I still have the belief that what I do is wrong, or any decision I take is wrong.

I've started to understand that I have the responsibility to myself to keep me going, to any decision I made, and to things I'm doing. Only with that kind of thinking, I can focus on developing myself, and get to wherever I want to be and whoever I want to become.
       Things went very fast. And right now I'm so sure that I hold my own destiny. To become an excellence reservoir engineer is my priority. To contribute to the people and my own country is my mission. My vision is then to bring the company to another level of success. Thanks to the people surrounding me, who always shows good examples, bring good deeds, and inspire me to become what I'm today, a RESERVOIR ENGINEER.


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